The School of Den Hague Artists


De Haagse School Technique

The School of Den Hague artists!

They dared to dream of muddied terrain.

Surf crashing on wide sandy beaches.

Distant bursts of light.

Shafts of sun crashing through a skylight in the grey clouds.

They called it ‘Tegenlicht’.

Against the light.

That’s what it means.

At the centre of the canvas was a vanishing point beyond dour windmills.

Or on a point beyond a flock of sheep or cows.

Reflections in puddles.

Waves slapping the keels of beached barges.

Dark dresses of fisher folk billowing.

Turbulence beyond the flapping of brown sails.

I am there too now, immersed….click to follow:

The School of Den Hague Artists | Pieter Zaadstra High Thunder eMagazine.

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