Showcase 1

The Art of Pieter Zaadstra showcase online, celebrating over 50 years of creative studio activity and publishing books of art.

Swan Point Plover

Plover flight over the foreshore at Swan Point, Tamar River, Tasmania (detail circa 2005)

Brumby Creek Tiers

The Western Tiers at Brumbys Creek, Tasmania, is a famous trout fishing waterway (detail circa 2005)

Lowheads Lighthouse, Northern Tasmania

The dramatic skies over the Bass Strait at Lowheads, Tasmania (detail circa 2005)

Frisian Village

The Frisian village scene from ‘The Contrarian’ story (detail circa 1995 – artist collection)

Teal Flight

Moonlight Teal Flight over the Foreshore at Beachport SA (detail circa 2002)


Trout – Art from the book of art ‘The Artist and The Fly Fisher’ (detail circa 2006)

Double Spread

Two page spread from the book of art ‘Our Australian Kelpie’ (detail circa 1990)

Big Geoffrey

Portrait of Geoffrey Nicholson, QC, Miena, Tasmania, (detail circa 2009)


Model on Dais – small study in oils circa 2002 (detail)

Lady Nelson

Sketch work featuring the ‘Lady Nelson’ from the book of art ‘Mount Gambier’ circa 2005 (detail)


Koala Dali the renowned Australian Artist circa 1995 (detail)


Kalangadoo Laneway from the ‘Flight of the Black Cockatoo’ circa 1984 (detail)


Hunter’s Hayshed from the ‘Flight of the Black Cockatoo’ series circa 1984 (detail)


The Chase from the ‘Hunt’ series of artworks circa 1996 (detail)


The Scavenger from the book of art ‘Flight of the Black Cockatoo’ circa 1984/85 (detail)


Fallow Deer among the Cider Gums, Tasmanian series, circa 2005 (detail)


Eventing at Exeter Show circa 2005 (detail)

Crested Grebe

Crested Grebe among the Reeds from the ‘Wild’ Series circa 1996 (detail)


Playtime at Mount Gambier’s Lakes Reserve circa 2006 (detail)


Cape Martin Channel at Beachport circa 2003 (detail)

Blue Peter

‘Blue Peter’ at Canoe Camp, Glenelg River, circa 1985 (detail)

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