Showcase 2

Showcase 2 to celebrate the Art of Pieter Zaadstra over 50 years of atelier life in Australia and elsewhere too. Cheers!


‘Fred’ the shedmaster from the book of art ‘Our Australian Kelpie’ (detail circa 1990 private collection)


Riders among the Big Reds (detail circa 2006 private collection)


River jetty mooring (detail circa 2002 private collection)


Blackwall mooring, Tamar River, Tasmania (detail circa 2005 private collection)

Merino and Kelpie

Merino and Kelpie Head Studies in charcoal (detail circa 2007 private collection)

Macquarry River

The Macquarry River Northern Tasmania with Tiers distant (detail circa 2005)

Black Ducks

Black ducks taking off (detail circa 1985)

Fly Fisher

Casting the stream from the book of art ‘The Artist and the Fly Fisher’ (detail circa 2005)

Valley Lake

Valley Lake from the book of art ‘Mount Gambier’ circa 2006 (detail)

Swamp Fox

Fox in the Swamp from the ‘Wild’ Series circa 1995 (detail)


Frisian sailing barge from the ‘Sources’ series circa 2013 (detail)


The Nydam from the ‘Sources’ Series circa 2007 (detail)


Bombers over Friesland ‘Sources’ Storyteller Series circa 2006/07 (detail)


Low Tide, Rosevears Jetty, Tamar River, Tasania, circa 2005 (detail)

Rooks Walk

The Turret at Rook’s Walk, Mount Gambier, SA circa 2006/07 (detail)


Cormorant poled ‘Wild’ Series circa 1999 (detail)

Pig kill

The Pig Hunt from the early series about hunting circa 1983 (detail)


Pelicans on the jetty circa 2001 (detail)


Cover design for the book of art called ‘Mount Gambier’ circa 2006 (detail)

Blue Lake

The Blue Lake from the book of art ‘Mount Gambier’ circa 2006 (detail)


The vibrant palette vortex spinning art lesson circa 2012 (detail)



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