Zaadstra Art Books

The Art Books by Pieter Zaadstra are collected by art enthusiasts and clients globally.
The interest in his artwork brings new inspirations for tales and visual to be published in future books of art.

Art Books - Kelpie

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The Australian Kelpie Art was published to be posted worldwide on request from clients. Inside are the featured art selected from the Book of Art called Our Australian Kelpie which was published in 1991.

Art Books - Mount Gambier

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The book of art about Mount Gambier was made to celebrate the migrants that came to a great destination city far away in South Australia. On arrival we called the place ‘home’. All rather novel and great story making. Each page is illustrated.

Art Books - Tamar Valley

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Art Books - Artist Fly Fisher

The Artist & the Fly Fisher – open edition

Art Books - AFF Special

The Artist & the Fly Fisher – Limited Edition

Art Books - AFF-Exclusive-Edition

The artist & the Fly Fisher – Exclusive Edition

Tales of the Atelier Volume 1 Link

Tales of the Atelier Volume 2 Link


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