Fwd: Pieter Zaadstra Art Studio & Gallery Newsletter 3
Zaadstra 'White Church' Art Gallery
Art Gallery at Glengarry, Western Gateway to the Tamar Valley in Tasmania, Australia

Anneke Portrait at White Church

February 2015 Greetings

Here's newsletter No.3 from the Zaadstra 'White Church' Art Gallery at Glengarry.

We have been experimenting with 'soft' open days to see how we go and fix up little hiccups. So far so good!

Opening Thursdays to Sundays - 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

 white church invitation

Invitation to you

Personal invitations via Australia Post are currently going out.
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Official Opening Event on 22 February 3 p.m.

Latest Release
Zaadstra Art For Sale

A series of new artworks are now on view.Most are presented as traditional canvas on keyed stretcher and they are not large.
Prices are from $440 each unframed, but we can arrange framing if requested.

Check out the new art here        

Deviot Sight - Art Study

Art Workshops - enquire 0448 544 293

Art lessons are going ahead this month.
The first group of five meets in my studio fortnightly.

Participants are currently being notified. Meanwhile anyone interested may find this introductory lesson entertaining:

Artist Talk from the Zaadstra Atelier               



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