Zaadstra 'White Church' Art Gallery
Art Gallery at Glengarry, Western Gateway to the Tamar Valley in Tasmania, Australia


Greetings from the Art Gallery

Here is our first newsletter from the Zaadstra 'White Church' Art Gallery at Glengarry, and from Zaadstra Art Studio at Gravelly Beach in Tasmania.

The 'Little White Church' is at Glengarry and Tanya and I purchased it a short time ago. Currently we are in the process of making it an art gallery. Once the renovations are done our visitors and our clients can come visit to see the latest artworks on display.

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Invitation to you

Tanya and I intend to conduct several art gallery events during the years ahead. We wish to do very personal invitations via Australia Post.

Yes, we know this is old fashioned, but we think it's worth the effort :)

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Commission the Artist 

For more than forty years I have received commissions to do artworks for private and public collections.

Heirloom and boardroom portraits. Book illustrations and dust-jackets designs too.

To see artworks and prices follow the next link:

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Preamble to Tonal Drawing Workshops

Once, many years ago I taught art.

Now I do the occasional workshop and then participants hear about my take on things arty.

You can read one of my introduction spiels at the following link:

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One-on-one Art Lessons

Over the past year I have conducted one-on-one teaching.

Intense focus with training-giving direction sure gets results.

I'm open to doing lessons for new participants in future.

You may like to be challenged too.

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Original Zaadstra Web Site

Everyone can visit the original web site!

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Although it will remain as is with its Art Showcases etc. the new web site allows for iPads and Mobile responsivity. The technology moves ever on. Check it out for yourself:

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Group of 5 - Workshops in my Studio

A workshop group of 5 participants is formed.

It's limited to 5 only.

Workshops are conducted over 5 sessions held fortnightly.

Another group of 5 is forming. Interested to join?

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